Purchase Information

Figurative Giclée Prints

Giclée is a French term for “squirt” or “spray”. Giclée fine art prints are created from specialized equipment using archival quality (museum quality) inks and printed on real canvasses. They are the highest quality fine art reproductions available, the quality so high that it is often difficult to distinguish between the giclée prints and original pieces of art.
Every one of the artworks that are printed on canvas are hand-embellished giclées. The artist has added texture, color, and highlights to make the giclee look even more like the original than it already does.
Giclée prints of almost all the figurative paintings of Mrs. Pang are available for order. There are a limited number of giclée prints available. The prices of the prints are dependent upon size of the prints. Giclée prints are refundable within a 15 day period after the client’s receiving it. Please contact the artist via email ( for more information about pricing.

Masterpiece Reproductions

Judy Jing Pang’s reproductions are of Neoclassical masterpieces. The images of the classical masterpiece paintings in Mrs. Pang’s gallery are of her recreations, and not of the original pieces.
All her pieces are 100% hand painted with no mechanical or electronic techniques or equipment used. Mrs. Pang hand paints the masterpieces using high quality oil paints on primed cotton canvasses, layer by layer. The process is long and meticulous, taking months to complete. 
Masterpiece reproductions are currently not for sale.

For portraits, giclée prints, and masterpiece reproductions, frames are not included and prices do not include shipping and insurance fees.